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(Last update 06/04/2012)

A quick word from the webmaster :

Whatever the updates to the site, SSRC is a fully operating club and we welcome everyone to our meetings. If you just want to give it a try, we often have open practice sessions on Saturdays, why don't you come along and see.

If you are interested, please email us first, and we will make sure we have cars for you to try (click here to contact the club)

We know that a quick look at the site might lead you to believe this is just about scratchbuild slotcars. But you would be wrong to think that. We are a slotclub, racing mainly box standard cars for fun. Although we tend to prefer Slot It cars, our classes include Fly, Scalextric, Ninco and SCX.


Every Tuesday night we race 2 classes. Mostly RTR cars, generaly with some modification (motor changes). We also have a couple of club classes.

On the 2nd Friday of the month, we race more specialised cars (mosty scratchbuilt), either vintage or retro, mostly following the rules of the Wolverhampton club.

Although none of us enjoy finishing last, we keep the atmosphere friendly and easy going.

Besides racing at the club, many of us are involved in the recent revival in vintage and "retro" slot racing, and we travel around the UK and Europe to the various meetings (Wolverhampton, Wellingborough, Bordeaux, Dunkerque, Newport, Soisy, etc... )




  Cars for Bordeaux 2008
  Cars for Bordeaux vintage race 2005


  My car for the 2006 Wolverhampton saloon race
  Wolverhampton 63 to 71 Le Mans meeting 2005


  Scratchbuild Gallery (Hundreds of scratchbuild and repainted cars
Box Art, the fabulous artwork used on model kit boxes in the 60s
  Pictures posted on Slot Forum





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