1965 Ford Galaxie by David Lawson

Trevor May recently recast the IMC 1965 Ford Galaxie, and kindly made copies for several of the SSRC club members.


This is the story of how I build mine.


The body needs the usual clean up that any resin bodyshell requires. Cut out the windscreens and wheel-arches, sand, rub down and spray pale blue.

I cut and extended the current Scalextric Nascar Ford Taurus chassis with sheet Plasticard to fit the wheelbase of the Galaxie bodyshell.


The interior was made out of sheet plastic and the driver is another Trevor May recast.

Having done this I simply sprayed the Scalextric wheels with Halfords Aluminium acrylic paint, which gave a good 1960's appearance.



Revell and Pattos decals from my spares box created a generic 1960's stocker. I have the Patto decal set now to do the Fred Lorenzen car with my next bodyshell.

Finally I applied some Bare-Metal foil to the grill, bumpers and window surrounds. I then made up window glass from thin clear sheet.


I've never had such a big audience when driving a slot car as when I took this car to the club for it's debut run.