Bordeaux Vintage Slot Meeting
As some of you may already know, for the last 4 years, a vintage slotracing meeting has been organized in the town of Bordeaux by a man called Samy Beraha, aided and abeted by an "Un Americain a Paris": Don Seigel of course.

The event is for cars up to 1968, made from pre 1971 slotcars/parts.

Two classes are catered for,1/24th and 1/32nd. Equal points are awarded for Concours and for Racing, the scale side of the hobby being strongly encouraged, in this spirit, anglewinders were banned for this year.


This year, the Southend Slot Racing Club sent a representative to Bordeaux, in the shape of your humble webmaster.

Currently, the site only contains pictures, the whole saga of the trip has been written and will hopefully be published in the NSCC journal soon.


The pictures in this gallery are arranged in 3 groups:

1 The Cars.

2 The Tracks and pits

3 The People

Click on the links above or the pictures on the left to see about 60 pictures of the event.