Shelby King Cobra by John Dilworth


Words and pictures by John Dilworth

This is my '67 Shelby King Cobra-Ford, Jerry Titus Riverside 1967 (as soon as I finish the decals!)
Shell is a reworked Pattos vaccie. I glued extra pieces on to give the roll-under of the lower side panels and nose, cut out and remade all the NACA ducts and rear spoiler from plastic card, and put in curved panels for the radiator outlets. Photo-etched grill in rear panel and aluminium tube exhausts and inlet trumpets, roll bar from copper wire.


Painted on the outside (naturally!) with decal pinstripes for shut lines. Still trying to produce correct style numbers on my computer- ignominious failure so far. Interior courtesy of Maxi-models detailing kits.
Chassis a brass rod sidewinder iso-fulcrum, motor a Scaleauto Mabuchi. Wheels are from the Scaley Williams, the nearest I could find to the pattern of the original acts magnesiums.
The real car was a disaster....