Airfix Healey Sprite by John Cahill

The Sprite was built from an Airfix kit, with the little body pieces epoxied into a whole unit and attached to a Reprotec Seat 600 chassis. The chassis was relieved a little in the rear and along the sides to make it fit the body, and the body was relieved in the nose underside to allow rotational travel of the pickup guide. All standard stuff, I know...but I am happy with it *smile*.

It runs very well. I added a small neodymium magnet in the rear which helps substantially to give the tires some traction, but still allows it to swing wide in the turns. I am including a pic of my first attempt to add a magnet, you'll notice that I overdid it a tad! This car was actually a gift for my girlfriend, who enjoys racing with me (amazing but true) and in time the male driver will be substituted for a modified MRRC Spectator girl.

Words and picture by John Cahill


This picture shows the Sprite transfer John designed and printed.